AIJET owns an independently operated, national-level aviation flight camp, which encompasses natural landscapes such as hillsides, forests, and rivers. With abundant airspace resources and diverse topographic advantages, we have successfully organized sports events in collaboration with the National Sports Bureau and local governments multiple times.

Operation of aviation model competition

AIJET-NUAA Team won the first place in 2024 SAE Aero Design

The SAE Aero Design Competition is a highly recognized top international competition. It is an important platform for students and teams in the field of aircraft design to showcase their innovative capabilities and technical strength.

AIJET-NUAA Team achieved excellent results in the SAE Aero Design East competition held in March 2024. It stood out from teams from many world-renowned universities such as MIT and Georgia Institute of Technology and won one gold medal and four silver medals。

The SAE Aero Design Competition has been held since 1986 and has a history of 38 years. It is a comprehensive competition covering aircraft design and manufacturing, attracting participation from students and teams from all over the world. Through this competition, participants can showcase their innovation, engineering skills and teamwork.

The holding of the SAE Aero Design Competition has played an important role in promoting innovation and development in the aviation field. It provides students with the opportunity to exercise and display their talents, and also provides industry experts and enterprises with a platform to find talents and technical cooperation.

The results achieved by the AIJET-NUAA Team in the SAE Aero Design competition are an affirmation of the hard work and professional capabilities of the Anget team. Anget Dynamics will continue to adhere to the path of innovation and achieve more achievements in the future aviation design field.

First HaiZhou District Aviation Education and Experience Carnival, 2019, Fuxin, China

This carnival event combines education, technology, and competition, featuring aviation-themed activities such as aviation model competitions and various interactive aviation experiences.

2020 China Drone Racing Open Championship

Drone racing has become one of the fastest-growing sports in the world in recent years. The first-person perspective racing format fully showcases the technological advancements, speed, and piloting abilities of drones, while also providing a unique viewing experience for spectators. This event brought together approximately 5,000 participants, including representatives from the National Sports Bureau, provincial and municipal leaders, association experts, businesses, and domestic competitors.

2021 CADC - China International Aircraft Design Challenge Finals

Despite the impact of the pandemic, this competition attracted over 1,700 participants from more than 70 universities, including Beihang University, Beijing University of Science and Technology, University of Electronic Science and Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology, Hebei University of Science and Technology, China Jiliang University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Ningxia University, Hefei University of Technology, as well as National University of Defense Technology, Army Artillery Air Defense Academy, Naval Aviation University, and Army Aviation Academy. Participants engaged in a competitive contest.

Radio Direction Finding

        Radio Direction Finding, also known as RDF, is a sport that involves locating radio signals. AIJET sports camp, situated in the hilly outskirts with gentle slopes and abundant vegetation, provides an excellent environment for RDF due to its good accessibility. As a technologically advanced and contemporary sport, RDF plays a significant role in enriching physical education curriculum, broadening students' perspectives, and promoting the development of students' physical, psychological, and intellectual abilities. It holds great prospects in the field of education in China.

Flight Training

        Aeromodelling activities encompass the advantages of technology, knowledge, fun, competition, and practicality. They play a very positive role in enhancing the hands-on and cognitive abilities of young people, as well as promoting overall personal development. AIJET has hosted training events multiple times and has an undeniable responsibility as a promoter of model culture.

Operation of Lightweight Aircraft

        With dedicated airspace and a professional light flight runway, as well as a first-class maintenance technical team and a mission-driven executive team, Aijet has successfully hosted light aircraft championships