Liaoning AIJET-POWER Technology Co., Ltd., abbreviated as AIJET-POWER, is composed of a group of aviation enthusiasts with many years of flying experience, aircraft design experts, and technology professionals from all over the country. Since 2018, the core team has accumulated a wealth of practical experience in various aviation events, lightweight aircraft activities, and the promotion of high-end aviation materials and engines in both domestic and international markets. We have received positive feedback from many customers and are dedicated to further development in the domestic and international aviation market. AIJET-POWER team is committed to technological innovation, prioritizing efficient and high-quality customer service. We strive to provide the most efficient services and highest-quality products to customers and aviation enthusiasts at all levels.

We are

Organizers of aviation events and training.
Expert dealers in the field of aviation.
Global promoters of high-quality products.

Our Vision

Building an expert sales and service team.
Customer satisfaction, shareholder benefits, and employee happiness.

Our Mission

Creating social value; embracing the mindset of a large company and the vitality of a small company; collaboration, integrity, and growth.
Creating social value and taking social responsibility
Embracing the mindset of a large company and the vitality of a small company
Collaboration and win-win mindset
continuously innovating while being mindful of potential risks; prioritizing safety and quality, followed by innovation and efficiency
equality, respect, and inclusiveness; maintaining the efficiency, flexibility, and sense of ownership of a small company
approaching colleagues and partners with a spirit of benefiting others and achieving mutual success; having an open mindset, considering others' perspectives, and promoting teamwork
Integrity encompasses honesty, truth-seeking, having the courage to do what is right, expressing appropriate opinions, maintaining noble conduct, and always respecting others
Not proving oneself but surpassing oneself; independent thinking, accepting challenges, continuous learning, research, pursuit of excellence, and constant self-improvement

Contact us

Phone:+86 13019862859

Address:NO. 23, Yanqing Industrial Hub, Hanjiadian Town, Haizhou District, Fuxin City, Liaoning Province, China.