AIJET is a team driven by conviction, with a unique and powerful sense of mission. Joining us means dedicating yourself to contributing advanced products and exciting events to society. Here, you will have the freedom to seek farther and dream bigger. Here, instead of waiting for opportunities to come, you will create opportunities. We are a unique organization, and if you resonate with what you see below, we may be your perfect match.

Why choose Aijet

Being a private company means more autonomy.

We turn imagination into reality.

We foster a truly collaborative environment

We provide strong support, recognition, and encouragement.

Being a private organization means we don't have quarterly reports, stock price concerns, or other distractions from developing cutting-edge technology. It also means you can allocate more time to do your best work. Ideas fuel us, and progress is our bottom line, not the pressure to execute.

We understand the importance of research and development. Here, you won't get lost in a sea of people and bureaucracy. You can have better control over your work, apply more creativity and strategy to carry it out.

We all work together. Our diverse businesse sectors -- aerospace, defense, electromagnetic systems, nuclear fusion, and other fields - support each other's progress.

We offer opportunities for everyone to stand out and make an impact in their own way. We are about elite management -- we want you to explore and pursue your interests and your talent and achievements are recognized and rewarded in this process.

Working here

Team Style

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Aijet Life


Veterans stepped up for the nation, and we also stand up for them.
Veterans make up 15% of our total workforce
We have employed over 20 veterans.
We support activities targeted towards veterans.